chapter forty one | silence

‘I can’t do this anymore,’ says Ike, and we have no freaking idea what he means. Ike has a secret. He’s had a secret all along. A secret he has never shared with Felice. Or has he?

chapter forty | alis is out

‘We kind of knew that this would happen at some point, right?’ Tomas and just-a-guy-who-has-keys-to-my-wife’s-apartment-Marc cross paths for the first time…

chapter thirty nine | san francisco calling

‘I wanna leave. I wanna leave tomorrow. I wanna make new friends,’ says Felice to Ike, as they are cuddling in a 42 seconds of happiness state of mind* on what Ike jokingly calls ‘this park bench of options and choices.’ (* they have just seen their baby for the first time on a scan)

chapter thirty eight | wine

‘Confused?’ – ‘Yeah.’ – ‘Me too.’ Marc and Alis are out shopping for wine – and the shop assistant mistakes them for husband and wife. So they play husband and wife.

chapter thirty seven | lost

‘We are meant to be together,’ says Vineke in her Confession after she realizes that Peter is gone. Is she trying to persuade herself? And what do Felice and Ike think? Is Peter gone for good, and should he stay away?

chapter thirty six | desperately seeking peter

‘You’ve come into this world and you have rocked it.’ Vineke is desperately seeking Peter and while doing so she finds Marc in Alis’ apartment. For her he is to blame for everything that happened since he came into their settled lives. But is that true?